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5 High-quality, engaging guided reading lessons for completely independent home / remote / distance / blended learning using interactive PowerPoint hyperdoc presentations, which guide pupils through the lesson using embedded audio and video. Suitable for children in Years 5, 6  or even 7, if they have gaps in learning. Lessons cover all of the skills in the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum reading content domains (areas tested in the Year 6 SATs) and will support children preparing for tests, as well as providing opportunities to analyse high-quality writing and try some writing themselves. The lessons are based on a freely available text extract from a real book and the link to that is provided in the instructions.


Watch the video here to see what this resource looks like. 


Lesson and resource overview:

- Lesson 1: reading skills discussion; video warm-up activity to practise retrieval , inference and author's choice with accomanying worksheet; opening lines activity; close reading activity; glossary; plenary.
- Lesson 2: planting questions activity; retrieval success criteria and modelled question with video demo on how to model; glossary; retrieval questions and answers provided.
- Lesson 3: re-cap activity focused on retrieval and inference; inference success criteria and model question; mixed inference and retrieval questions and answers provided.
- Lesson 4: match question to reading skill activity; prediction activity; glossary; questions focused on retrieval, vocabulary and summarising with answers provided.
- Lesson 5: guess the title activity; events time line activity; analyse author's choices activity with accompanying extract; questions based on inference, author's viewpoint and prediction with answers provided; plenary to review lesson 1 close reading findings. Extension activities: write a postcard; reflect on intertextual connections using 'Tell Me' questions'.


Do you need live in-school lessons as well? This resources is available for school use with 50+ presentations slides, editable worksheets and extensive planning notes provided! You can buy it separately or with this home learning resource as a bundle and save money. Check it out in my shop!

Five Year 5/6 Home Learning Reading Lessons: The Murderer's Ape

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