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Book Notes

Notes I take to help me remember more of what I read.  Some screen shots below will give you an idea what they contain. Members of Spread Book Joy can access them at any time.

These notes are taken while I read to help me digest a book and to record parts that resonated with me. I got the idea from the amazing Derek Sivers who began taking notes on books because he realised that he was forgetting most of what he read. He shares all of his reading notes here: and I’ve decided I might as well do the same. However, you should know that:

  • These notes are not the book. They are a very tiny portion of the book and you will not get the same information as you would if you read it yourself. My notes will give you a flavour and, hopefully, persuade you to buy the book. Trust me, if it was good enough for me to make notes on, then you really should buy it! This is less than 5% of the information in the text and there will definitely be parts that resonated more with you than me . Don’t miss out on that!

  • Some of the notes are direct quotes, most are paraphrasing the author’s words. Most importantly: all of the ideas are the authors’ own - not mine. Where I add my critique/questions/response to a section, this is my commentary to myself and attempt to clarify my thoughts on what I have read. Where this is the case, I signpost it with ‘My thoughts’ or ‘My response’ or ‘My take’ or ‘My questions’. I am only human and my interpretation of some things may be wrong or jar with yours. These notes are not here for you to debate with me. It is always best to read the book yourself and form your own opinion. 

  • There may be typos, incorrect spellings or mistakes in references. I say this in case anyone uses anything from these notes to support any of their own academic work. You would be foolish to do that. Again, buy the book or check it out from a library and read the original material yourself!

  • The notes are live documents and may be changed or added to at any time by me - they're a work in progress!

  • These are a bonus for members. I really hope you find them super useful! If you do, then please let others know. If anyone else is interested in getting the note, please so me a huge favour and send them the link to my website, , rather than giving them access to the file. I'd really appreciate that - thank you! 

Screenshots book notes
Screenshot 2020-11-27 164128.png
Screenshot 2020-11-27 164251.png
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