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Wondering whether to sign up? Take a sneak peak at my amazing free Coraline comprehension bundle, suitable for Year 5 or 6. Covers all National Curriculum reading domains. Fully adapted for school or home learning with integrated video and audio allowing children to work independently through the same lesson at home. This gives you a taster of my school and home learning resources, all available to members without going through my shop!

Full walk-through of what is included in this free resource:

Watch a full video walk-through of this amazing free resource bundle.

Videos support home learning:

Home learning resources allow children to complete the same lesson at home independently.

Watch this video showing the children what they have to do.

Not sure about Coraline? Check out my YouTube review:

This resource bundle contains:

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Fully planned series of lessons

PowerPoint slides with full explanatory notes and suggested 2-day plan, explaining each part of the whole-class lessons. Activities include: starter based on retrieval, inference and author choice; vocabulary activity; modelled inference questions; slides for whole-class feedback and marking; plenary activity focussing on genre classification. 

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Home learning adapted!

The entire lesson has been adapted for home learning with fully interactive PowerPoint hyperdocs embedded with video, audio and hyperlinks allowing children to access the entire lesson independently at home or as part of blended learning.

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Differentiated questions linked to NC reading domains

Three levels of differentiated questions with answer sheets provided. Questions cover all NC reading domains. Hyperdocs cover all three levels of questions. Editable starter, plenary, glossary and 'making connections' activity sheets are also provided.

additional activities doc.png

Additional activities included

Three additional activites included: 'Coraline Went Exploring' map-making activity; 'What's Up Coraline?' where children imagine a Whatsapp conversation between Coraline and a friend; 'Act It Out' drama activity based on the suspenseful scene at the end of Chapter 1.

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