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Try one of my unique, high-quality, engaging guided reading lessons for FREE. Completely independent home / remote / distance/ blended learning using interactive PowerPoint hyperdoc presentations, which guide them through the lesson using embedded audio and video. The next best thing to having the teacher there!


Suitable for children in Years 5 and 6, or even Year 7, if they have gaps in learning. My lesson packs  cover all of the skills in the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum reading content domains (areas tested in the Year 6 SATs) and will support children preparing for tests, as well as providing opportunities to analyse high-quality writing and try some writing themselves. The lessons are based on a freely available text extract from a real book and the link to that is provided so you don't need to purchase the book.

Watch the video here to see what this resource looks like.


This free sample includes:

  • Lesson 1: reading skills discussion; video warm-up activity to practise retrieval , inference and author’s choice with accomanying worksheet; opening lines activity; close reading activity; glossary; plenary.


The rest of the one week unit of lessons is available to purchase in my shop and also makes up part of a saving bundle. Buy the bundle and get the entire unit of hyperdocs for home learning and the in-school lessons (50+ PowerPoint slides, extensive planning notes, editable SATs-style questions and activity sheets) for £6.75 - a saving of 25% when buying the sets individually.

FREE Home Learning Hyperdoc Lesson for Year 5/6: The Murderer's Ape

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