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Review: I Get Loud by David Ouimet

The sequel to one of my favourite picture books is every bit as wonderful as 'I Go Quiet'.

"I see you, you see me. You are small and brave; with you, I feel free and loud. I listen to you, you to me."⁠

⁠How do we know when we have found a true friend? I Get Loud by @d.ouimet is the follow-up to one of my favourite picture books of recent years, I Go Quiet (see my Instagram review), which was a beautiful, visually striking tale of a solitary, introverted girl who feels slightly out of sync with the rest of the world. She seeks solace in the worlds between the pages of books and, when faced with intimidating situations, goes quiet. But in her mind, she is not quiet and her internal world is rich and full, thanks to books.⁠⁠

I Get Loud sees our nameless protagonist make a friend, which shows her the power of connection and brings the joy of true friendship. When we feel connected to a person whose personality, values and interests complement our own, it gives us a sense of belonging. Finding a true friend or a tribe is so very special because being with them is easy and this is expressed so well in this book.⁠⁠

The girls' relationship is tested as disaster strikes their home. Nothing is made explicit, but through a series of wordless pictures, the inhabitants of their town are forced to flee and become displaced, adrift on the ocean, and the two girls are separated. Will they find one another again?⁠⁠

The inventive images are both visually appealing and provoking, with a number of striking wordless pages telling the tale of the refugees' perilous journey. Just as poignant, haunting and and beautiful as the first book, I Get Loud is a deeply thoughtful story and a stunning work of art.⁠

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