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5 High-Quality, Engaging Whole-Class Guided Reading Lessons based on Chapter 1 of ‘The Murderer’s Ape’ by Jakob Wegelius. Suitable for for Year 5 or 6 and covering all National Curriculum Reading Domains.


This extensive resource includes:

  • 50 MS PowerPoint presentation slides for in-school live lessons with extensive notes, video demonstrations and a quick start video guide for teachers with an overview of the lessons
  • SAT-style questions, mark schemes and additional activity sheets - 13 document files.
  • Link to the freely available extract which the lesson are based on so you do not need to purchase the text!
  • There are modelled questions with video demonstrations showing you exactly how to model them.


Overview of lessons:

  • Lesson 1: reading skills discussion; video warm-up activity on retrieval , inference and author’s choice with accompanying worksheet; opening lines activity; close reading activity and accompanying worksheet; glossary; plenary.
  • Lesson 2: planting questions activity; retrieval success criteria and model question with video demo on how to model; glossary; retrieval questions and answers with screens to support marking together.
  • Lesson 3: re-cap activity focused on retrieval and inference; inference success criteria and model question with demo video on how to model the question; mixed inference and retrieval questions and answers with slides to support marking together.
  • Lesson 4: match question to reading skill activity; prediction activity; glossary; questions focused on retrieval, vocabulary and summarising with answers and sides to support marking together.
  • Lesson 5: guess the title activity; events time line activity; analyse author’s choices activity with accompanying extract and notes to support teaching; questions based on inference, author’s viewpoint and prediction with answers and slides to support marking together; plenary to review lesson 1 close reading findings. Extension activities: write a postcard; reflect on intertextual connections using ‘Tell Me’ questions.


You can view what is in the resource here.


Do you need to provide work for home learners? This series of lessons is also available as 5 fully interactive home /remote/blended learning hyperdoc MS PowerPoint presentations, embedded with audio, video and website links to allow children to access the exact same lessons independently at home! Combine these in-school lessons with the hyperdocs in a bundle and save money.

Not sure what a hyperdoc is? Watch a video demo here.

Five Y5/6 Guided Reading Lessons: The Murderer's Ape

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