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Review: Tilly and the Book Wanderers by Anna James

A delightful fantasy adventure for book lovers everywhere. Ages 8+.

“The books we love when we’re growing up shape us in a special way, Tilly. The characters in the books we read help us decide who we want to be.”⁠

It’s been a while since I read this gorgeous book now and can’t believe I haven’t posted about it until now because I really loved it. Tilly and the Book Wanderers is the first in the Pages and Co series and I am really looking forward to the rest. Tilly Pages lives in her grandparents’ bookshop, Pages and Co, and when characters from her favourite books start appearing in the shop and talking to her, she discovers that she can follow them back into the stories that they came from. ⁠

This was an utterly delightful book that will have all bibliophiles enchanted. It’s the sort of book that would have completely thrilled me as a young bookworm. Imagine not only living in a bookshop, but having the ability to wander into books! The shop itself was a cosy dream, with nooks and crannies for relaxing with a book and a café that sells tasty, book-related cakes and recipes (pop biscuits from the Faraway Tree anyone?). This was a setting to immerse yourself in and delight in the bookish details.

The theme of friendship and exploration of the importance and joy of stories and reading meant I kept finding wonderful quotes throughout:⁠

“Books can change minds and change worlds, open doors and open minds, and plant seeds that can grow into magical or even terrifying things.”⁠

I did wonder if it would be as enjoyable for children who haven’t read the classics that are referenced, but, on the whole, I thought this was a great start to this magical series and introduced us to an exciting world of bookish adventures.⁠

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