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Can You Keep a Secret? by Melissa Castrillon

A gorgeous tale of bravery and kindness by my favourite illustrator. Ages 4+.

"That night, like most nights, Winnie dreamed of Dragons."

Winnie has been gazing at the mythical beasts on the tapestry in her parents home for so long that she even dreams about them. Her parents tell her that the monsters were defeated long ago, but Winnie discovers that they have just been hiding from the humans that they fear will harm them. Now that she has discovered they are real, can she keep their secret?⁠⁠

Yet again, Melissa Castrillon has produced a breathtakingly beautiful picture book which will delight adults and children alike. She is one of my favourite illustrators and just looking at the pictures here will show you why. Soft, muted colours alongside flashes of brightness and delicate pencil drawings which are whimsical and pretty - each page is a feast for the eyes and full of details to pore over.

Winnie, like Melissa Castrillon’s previous heroine Might Min, is brave yet kind and full of the spirit of adventure. The bond between Winnie and her parents is lovingly portrayed. It is also wonderful to see a multiracial family represented in this glorious picture book.⁠⁠

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